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We provide a full range of advisory services for 401(k) and pension plans. Our advisors help you consider all factors when structuring a plan — investment objectives, risk and return characteristics as well as the performance of each investment option offered by your pension plan. We also help you to evaluate how fees and expenses will impact your investment returns and retirement income.

We help small businesses and self-employed individuals evaluate whether a 401(k) plan is more beneficial and cost-effective than other options. Once considered a retirement tool for larger companies, the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Act of 2001 made 401(k) plans more beneficial to the self-employed than in earlier years. The two key changes enacted relate to the increase of the allowable "Employer" deductible contribution and the "Individual" IRC-415 contribution limit.

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Peter Recchia, Founder of 4Wealth Financial Group, urges the Department of Labor to Implement the Department of Labor Fiduciary RuleAs Originally Scheduled April 10, 2017

Press Release

Burr Ridge IL, March 16, 2017. Peter Recchia, founder and president of 4Wealth Financial Group, has written to the Department of Labor, urging them to move ahead in implementing the current DOL...


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