Home, sweet (retirement) home.

By Ken Arvidson, MSFS, CLU

May 12, 2015

Planning for old age is a challenge for just about everyone. Whether for ourselves or our parents, the conversation often takes place too late to have many options. Providing guidance so you don't outlive your retirement is a priority at 4Wealth Financial Group.

Whatever your approach: long-term care (LTC) insurance, combining LTC with life insurance, or upgrading existing coverages to include LTC or chronic illness, we focus on the best approach for you. Allowing you the option to choose between home health care or assisted living is important to us.

Andrea Donovan, owner of Senior Living Advisors, has analyzed hundreds of retirement homes in the Chicago area. Here are her tips for finding the right match.

The 4Wealth Insurance Group can assist in this conversation by consulting on your choices.

Email Ken if you need guidance.

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